A Word from our Chaplain

My name is Shane Sullivan and I am the Chaplain here at Bethany Christian Academy. School is designed to educate, and we think we do this pretty well here at BCA! We educate students on a number of subjects they will require in their day to day lives, but nothing is more important at BCA than a student's spiritual education.

On Tuesdays, our high school students meet in our sanctuary to worship and learn about God. Every chapel features lessons from the Bible, great discussion about relevant issues, and an opportunity to cultivate a love for God and his people. I love that my job doesn't just afford me the opportunity to preach and teach, but to truly interact with the students on a day to day basis.

As chaplain, my heart for our students is that they not only excel academically, but spiritually, too. Here at BCA, it is our sincere desire for every student to love God with all their hearts and for that love to produce a lifetime of fruit for His kingdom. I believe BCA provides an optimum environment for students to do this. I'm excited God has called me to be a part of this here!

Pastor Shane Sullivan

On Campus

Although Bethany Christian Academy has grown well beyond the one-building schoolhouse of its founding, the concept of an integrated community of learners living with one another in an intimate setting is still the essence of the BCA experience.

Every day, within the walls of our school , students attend classes, socialize over meals, and enjoy community-building events.

Students and faculty have frequent interaction here at BCA, creating a sense of comfort and fostering a feeling that the school community is indeed a family.

In this section of the website, you can find aspects of BCA life that enrich the school community. In addition to news articles, photo galleries, and a full calendar of upcoming events, On Campus offers a detailed look at the school’s program. For an even more detailed view of our community, peruse selections from student publications or download the latest issue of the BCA Newsletter.

So please, take a few moments and see what there is to experience On Campus then schedule a time to visit us in person!


We have parents or grandparents who volunteer in assisting the teachers as needed or for monitoring students during lunch hour. If you are interested in volunteering some time to help make a difference, whether it be as a lunch monitor or as assistant to an art or shop teacher, or even to help out in the office, please call the school at (508) 634-8171.

Interested in Helping?

We always appreciate individuals helping with many important tasks that need to be done in the building. With your dedication to serving the School we can help keep things running smoothly! Please call the school office at (508) 634-8171 or email us HERE to see how you can help out today.